Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse Family Session | The king Family


The King family came to Nantucket for a lovely summer vacation. They had never been to Nantucket before and was drawn to the natural beauty, the beaches and our charming little town. The King family enjoys spending a lot of time together and live a very active lifestyle. So while they were here they wanted to make sure that they enjoyed a lot of family activities while also enjoying some rest and relaxation. So far they have been hitting the beach, riding bikes, grilling and especially enjoying Jack & Charlie's ice cream in town. The King family typically has their yearly fall family session in a wooded are with beautiful trees. So being surrounded by the ocean was something new to them. The King family chose to have their session at Brant Point Lighthouse. Such a gorgeous place to have a family session. It was a beautiful evening for them at the lighthouse.

There was never a dull moment with the King family. The boys kept me laughing throughout the session by cracking some pretty funny jokes. We had a lot of fun during their family session. There were moments of snuggle time, exploring, skipping rocks, racing and good old family fun. It was great to finish the evening with the King family being able to have the experience of seeing the large ferry come around the lighthouse and had the chance to wavy at the people aboard the ferry. Fun little fact, many Nantucket visitors who come to the island, look forward to the time honored tradition of the penny toss. While rounding the Brant Point Lighthouse it is customary for visitors to toss a penny off the back of the ferry and make a wish, some even believe it will ensure a trip back to Nantucket. I sure hope that I am able to see this wonderful family on their trip back to Nantucket someday.