Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse Family Session | The Abarado Family


The Abarado Family has a special family tradition that they do together every year. They travel to a new destination on their anniversary and around the time of their children's birthday.  While they are on their trip they also schedule a family session. They have done this special tradition ever since their twins were born. Nantucket was their destination of choice this year as they have never been here before. How special is that they were celebrating their 13th year of marriage!!! I thought that this tradition was just so wonderful and special. They chose to have their family session at the Brant Point Lighthouse. I just love being able to photograph in this location. Such a beautiful location for such a sweet family. We had such a great time during our session. The children just loved being in the sand and being by the waters edge. They loved collecting all the shells that were on the beach and making designs with them in the sand. The weather was just so perfect and made for a lovely Nantucket evening.