Chelsea Blackbird | The Christian Nutritionist | Nantucket

I had the pleasure of photographing Chelsea's Family just a few weeks ago. She contacted me again that week and asked if I could come back and do a lifestyle session. Of course I said yes and was thrilled to do this for her. She wanted to have a lot of variety and wanted to include her daughter in for a few of the images. I love how excited Chelsea was about her shoot and all the ideas that she wanted to incorporate. I enjoy capturing people in their element and telling the world a little bit about what they do. She wanted to do the shoot at the property she was staying at with her family. She thought it was a unique place to have the shoot. Much different than sessions she had in the past in Texas. This place she held close to her heart. A little back story. Chelsea decided to follow her dreams of becoming a Nutritionist and called herself The Christian Nutritionist. Since she decided on following her heart an opportunity presented itself. Darcy the owner of the home searched Christian Nutritionist and found Chelsea. Darcy invited her to Nantucket to teach a nutrition workshop at Jesus Camp. Many thoughts were running through her head. I have kids in school, a husband, work, normal everyday life and so many other things. How could I pick up my family and come 2,000 miles away from home? She gave it a lot of thought and decided that she couldn't let this opportunity go. She let her faith guide her and made it bigger than her fear. I think we can learn a lot about this. Don't let fear get in the way and follow your dreams. You can follow Chelsea on Facebook and Instagram as the The Christian Nutritionist. She also has a website that you should definitely check out!