Nantucket Engagement Session | Andreas and Valerie


Andreas and Valerie met in Cape Town, South Africa in 2016. They really got to know each other on this trip and both knew that they each had found someone special. It was spring of 2019 when Andreas proposed on Surfside beach in front of Valerie's former childhood summer home, where her grandparents lived year round. He went out to kite surf on a beautiful afternoon. When Valerie came down to the beach, he jumped out of the water and got down on his knees, sharing many loving thoughts and hopes for their lives together, and then asked if she would marry him. Of course she said yes! Out of the back of his wet suit he unzipped a box with a beautiful ring, and she put it on and then wandered on the beach happily for the rest of the afternoon. I just loved hearing how they got engaged! Such a great way to propose as they enjoy being together outdoors.

The day had finally arrived and what a beautiful day it was. It was a warm summer day and the sun was shining. I met this wonderful couple at Valerie’s Grandparents home. What a perfect place to start as this place is so special to them. We were just here for a few moments to get a couple of pictures of them in the garden. We then headed to the beach. This particular beach was where Andreas proposed to Valerie! Aside from that they also enjoy being together by the water whether swimming, surfing, kite surfing and or long walks on the beach. Having this be their second location was just perfect. They are happiest when they are together and surrounded by nature. This really came through when I was photographing them. They were so relaxed and were having a great time. They kissed, laughed, danced, were silly and couldn’t stop hugging each other. TIme went fast here and we had one last stop on our list. That was Brant Point Lighthouse. Lighthouse’s are special to them. They really truly like them and its a piece that is tied into their wedding. What a great way to end the evening.

I loved being able to capture these special moments for them. Photographing a couple as in love as these two are is so wonderful. Being able to get to know this wonderful couple before the big day was so great. I love their personalities and carefree spirit. They are the kindest and sweetest couple. Being able to photograph them is a dream! How lucky am I! Having had such a wonderful time on their engagement session makes me only that much more excited to photograph their wedding on October 12th!