A Natural and Colorful Styled Session | Nantucket, Massachusetts Wedding Photographer


I am thrilled to be able to share with you my very first styled session. I wanted to create something that was a bit more out of the box. I had a vision for creating a session that would inspire the viewer beyond the shores and beaches of Nantucket. I follow many other photographers and creatives on social media from Oregon, Colorado and Utah who work among more diverse landscapes such as mountains and woodlands. It gave me the inspiration to create something that we don't get to see very often on Nantucket. I told my friend Megan Soverino who is an amazing talented floral designer and stylist my vision. We sat over a cup of hot coco at The Corner Table and got the creative juices flowing. I knew that this vision needed to happen and I was so excited she was on board. Megan made my dreams come true. I came to the scene and I was completely blown away with what she had created. I had know idea what she had up her sleeves and it was definitely a surprise. She made a stunning bouquet that just tied all the colors and the elements of the session together. I love Megan's process  of making a bouquet. She uses available ingredients from the gardens, trails and roadsides of Nantucket. Her arrangements have a sense of wildness about them so they have a sense of place in nature. She will only buy whats necessary at local shops to enhance the bouquet if need be. Tucked away in the perfect location she also created the amazing tablescape of this session. I loved how she used natural elements as well as neutral colors to go with the beauty of our surroundings. We had birds, crystals from Colorado, moss, vases, succulents, fluffy rugs and pillows, amazing leather chairs and so much more. Kelley Badger's stunning cake that fit the theme of the session perfectly adorned the table. Hair & makeup was done by the talented Emily Denny. I love Emily's style and approach. I like that her style is natural and enhances the beauty that someone already has. Not only is she talented she is fun, sweet, inviting and a dream to work with. I knew with her style I had to have her on board. I told her my vision and she amazed me with what she created. Lavinia was a such a stunning model. She hadn't done anything like this before and was such a natural. I loved that she took a chance to try something new because she made the session all that much better. I was happy to have met such a sweet, kind and beautiful person inside and out. She looked amazing with her hair and make up done. She also wore Megan's mothers vintage blush pink prom dress which looked amazing. She wore crystal earrings from Hannah Blount to finish the look. All of these talented women came together to create my vision and I am so grateful to have had such an amazing team. I would say that this session was a success and I can't wait for more creative opportunities such as these.

Florist Designer & Stylist: @isledeflores
Model: @lavinia_pascal
Cake: @cakenantucket
H&M: @emilynantucket
Jewelry: @hannablountjewelry
Silk: @silkandwillow