Mark & Karen

The summer of 2014 was when these two met. Karen was coming to Nantucket to do her solo show called Ripple of Hope at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket on August 5th. Padraic Lillis, her director, mentioned that when she got to Nantucket to make sure she stopped by the Starlight Cafe and he said "my best friend growing up owns it and he's a really nice guy- tell him I sent you." So the first thing she did when she arrived was head straight to the Starlight. According to Mark she said "Are you Mark? Padraic Sent me." and he said "YES YES I AM! she was amazed at how excited and kind he was to her. It took a few days for her to realize how great of a guy he was. She had a long talk with their friend Molly Martin who said "that she better go for this one- can't get better than this." So that was it- there has never been a day since that she hasn't spoken to him. Then on December 24th 2015 they got engaged at the top of Main Street where the annual Nantucket Red Ticket Drawing takes place. There were over 4,000 locals and visitors that had attended. WOW! I was so excited to witness such a wonderful engagement and to be able to capture such a special moment in their lives. So when they asked me to photograph their engagement session I was over the moon excited as this engagement is so special to me. It fills my heart to know that they are madly in love and that they make each other very happy. It's a wonderful feeling knowing and seeing that your uncle and soon to be Aunt are meant for each other. During the whole session you can see the love that they share with one another. They shared many hugs, kisses and laughs through out the session. We focused our time together on Main Street and then finished the evening off at Brant Point where they will soon tie the knot. I wish these two a life time of happiness together!!!