Trip to Iceland 2015


My Husband Jonathan and I decided that we wanted to go to Iceland for our honeymoon. Our Vacation was from August 31st to September 9th of 2015. We had heard nothing but amazing things about this place. So we thought lets check it out. From all the blogs, research. and amazing photography we knew that Iceland was the perfect choice. We chose to fly with WOW airlines very inexpensive tickets, wonderful staff, and everything was new. We chose to rent an apartment in Reykjavik just a 5 to 10 minute walk from town and had a killer view of the Reykjavik mountain. Which was just perfect. We spent most of our time exploring downtown Reykjavik. The city has lots to offer from sightseeing, shopping, museums, restaurants, and tours.  I loved that Reykjavik had a small town feel.  We did a lot of shopping and sighting seeing. Couple of our favorite places to see was Hallgrímskirkja which is a Church, in fact the largest church in Iceland! We also had the experience of going all the way up to the very top. I also liked that Reykjavik was very much into art. There was graffiti murals in hidden places throughout town. We also enjoyed really fun and funky cafes. Some of our favorite places to eat was the noodle station, a doughnut cart that was 1 minute away from the apartment, and Cafe Babalu. We truly had a wonderful time in Reykjavik and we got to experience so many great things together.

There is so much to do in Iceland that it was very hard to just pick a few things. Since it was our first time in Iceland we thought it was best to do some tours. Our first tour was a whale watching tour called Elding Whale Watching. The people that run these tours were very knowledgeable and passionate about their Icelandic marine life. I have never been whale watching before so it was really an experience. It was also extremely rocky but, that didn't slow us down just added to the adventure. We got to see Minke Whales, Dolphins, and wild birds. One of the coolest parts was seeing a school of about 10 Dolphins leaping out of the water and seeing the Dolphins chasing along side the boat. For our very first tour we had a blast and looked forward to the other tours we had planed.

Our second tour we decided that we wanted to take a half day trip through Iceland on horse back with sighting and a stop at the hot springs. I was very nervous at first because even though horses are gentle giants they make me nervous. I was excited about our tour but proceed with caution. We arrived got our gear on and they chose the right horses for us. Icelandic horses are just so beautiful. We got on our horse and did a few loops around the ring to get adjusted. We then all went as a big group. We were receiving instructions and as well as getting ready for a fun filled day. But my horse was being a horse and I didn't enjoy that. He started to go a little fast and I started to panic and oh boy was I embarrassed. Jonathan was at the top of the group with his horse. I wasn't comfortable with continuing with the rest of the group. So since it was our honeymoon they made a special accommodations for us. We ended up going on a small tour just the two of us. It was just a private nice walk through Iceland. Great sighting seeing and a great partner along side me. 

Our Third tour was the Golden Circle tour. This tour was by far the best one that we went on. We had a great bus driver and tour guide. We also got to meet two lovely ladies Shona and Erin that made the trip even better. We got to see Þingvellir National Park where we saw so many different rock formations. We also got to see Gulfoss Waterfall. You see this waterfall in so many different pictures but it doesn't do it justice. This waterfall is magnificent and the largest waterfall that we have ever laid our eyes on!!! We also got to see an Erupting hot spring at Geyser Geothermal area. The area has so many little hot springs but, the show stopper was Little Geysir. It was an amazing site to see. When it errupted you had to make sure that you were standing in the right spot as to not be splashed. When it first erupted it made me jump! Such a cool place to check out. When we were all finished with the touring we headed back into town. When we got there we got to see a community coming together to cheer their men's soccer team on the big screen. So much team spirit and Icelandic colors in the center of Reykjavik. Since we made new friends on the bus and really enjoyed our time with them we finished the night off with an Italian Dinner.

Another site that was on our list was the Selfoss Tour. A tour of the west cost of Iceland. The weather wasn't really in our favor and it was so windy that it was hard to walk straight!! But it was still a beautiful site to see. Amazing rock formations and the black beaches were incredible. The black beaches were made up of black rocks. The black rocks were lava rocks that have been rolling around in the ocean causing them to be smooth and of different sizes. When we go back to Iceland we would love to take a day trip and explore this place more in depth.

We finished up with one more stop the Blue Lagoon. This place is a geothermal spa. Such a relaxing place. A perfect way to end our adventures.

Iceland was just an incredible vacation. It is not like any other place out there. We had such an amazing time and would do it all again. I highly recommend Iceland to anyone!!!

Most of this images were photographed were on my camera but, I also have additional photos on my Instagram account.

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