2017 In Review

A lot has happened in the year 2017 and I would like to take the time to reflect and to share some of my favorite moments. It started with a new brand and a beautiful new logo that I can be proud of. I had a blast getting new updated head shots from Rebecca Love Photography just before my 30th birthday month!!! I got to photograph so many wonderful families sessions. We shared lots of laughter and truly had a blast. Photograpged some lifestyle sessions for other entrepreneurs. As well as two styled sessions. One of them being my very own which was such a great experience. I also documented a 25th year wedding anniversary. Which was such a special event to witness. Enjoyed a vacation to Colorado with my husband to visit some friends. Had family visit which is always a special time. I got to form a lot of new relationships and connections along the way. I love each and everyone of my clients and love the relationships that we create. 2017 was an amazing and fulfilling year and hope to have the same for 2018. So far 2018 is off to a great start. My husband and I will be moving to a beautiful new apartment. I have two very special weddings booked. I will be doing a website overall and can't wait to share with you all when that's finished. 2018 is going to be a great year!!! Happy 2018 to all!!!

The Moulin Family

The Moulin family was my very last family session of 2017. They came all the way from Miami to enjoy Nantucket during the holidays. They had never been here before and wanted to take some family photos during their time here at the Brant Point Light House. I was so happy they had a chance to experience such a beautiful part of the island. Even the big wreath was still on the lighthouse which made for some fun photos. The sun was shinning but holy cow it was a whopping 3 degrees out!!! I don't know how they did it but they were troopers. There was a lot of laughter and snuggles through out their session to keep warm. They were such a fun and wonderful family to have met. What a great way to end 2017!!! 

Styled Session

I am thrilled to be able to share with you my very first styled session. I wanted to create something that was a bit more out of the box. I had a vision for creating a session that would inspire the viewer beyond the shores and beaches of Nantucket. I follow many other photographers and creatives on social media from Oregon, Colorado and Utah who work among more diverse landscapes such as mountains and woodlands. It gave me the inspiration to create something that we don't get to see very often on Nantucket. I told my friend Megan Soverino who is an amazing talented floral designer and stylist my vision. We sat over a cup of hot coco at The Corner Table and got the creative juices flowing. I knew that this vision needed to happen and I was so excited she was on board. Megan made my dreams come true. I came to the scene and I was completely blown away with what she had created. I had know idea what she had up her sleeves and it was definitely a surprise. She made a stunning bouquet that just tied all the colors and the elements of the session together. I love Megan's process  of making a bouquet. She uses available ingredients from the gardens, trails and roadside. Her arrangements have a sense of wildness about them so they have a sense of place in nature. She will only buy whats necessary at local shops to enhance the bouquet if need be. Tucked away in the perfect location she also created the amazing tablescape of this session. I loved how she used natural elements as well as neutral colors to go with the beauty of our surroundings. We had birds, crystals from Colorado, moss, vases, succulents, fluffy rugs and pillows, amazing leather chairs and so much more. Kelley Badger's stunning cake that fit the theme of the session perfectly adorned the table. Hair & makeup was done by the talented Emily Denny. I love Emily's style and approach. I like that here style is natural and enhances the beauty that someone already has. Not only is she talented she is fun, sweet, inviting and a dream to work with. I knew with here style I had to have her on board. I told her my vision and she amazed me with what she created. Lavinia was a such a stunning model. She hadn't done anything like this before and was such a natural. I loved that she took a chance to try something new because she made the session all that much better. I was happy to have met such a sweet, kind and beautiful person inside and out. She looked amazing with her hair and make up done. She also wore Megan's mothers vintage blush pink prom dress which looked amazing. She wore crystal earrings from Hannah Blount to finish the look. All of these talented women came together to create my vision and I am so grateful to have such an amazing team. I would say that this session was a success and I can't wait for more creative opportunities such as these.

Florist Designer & Stylist: @isledeflores
Model: @lavinia_pascal
Cake: @cakenantucket
H&M: @emilynantucket
Jewelry: @hannablountjewelry
Silk: @silkandwillow

Mario & Melody

Mario and Melody came all the way form warm LA to the wintery East Coast. For some of us it would be the opposite. But for me Nantucket during the winter is peaceful and has it's own special wintery charm. They never have come this way and have always wanted to experience these New England small towns this time of year. Their friends and family thought they were crazy!!! But they wanted to see the small town charm, the landscape and enjoy the snow. I am so happy that one of their stops was Nantucket! They wanted to capture their time here with a session at Brant Point Lighthouse. I love Brant Point during the holiday season. Such a beautiful backdrop and how fun with that Big Wreath!!! And to top it off we had some dustings of snow before they came. There was nobody there that day and I thought how special that they can enjoy this moment together. After our session was over and we said our goodbyes. They left to enjoy the evening together and to enjoy a wonderful dinner. Later on in the week she told me how happy she was that they did this and that she could frame some images in their home. She even told me that they had missed the snow already!!!  I am excited that I got to meet such a wonderful sweet couple and hope to see them again soon. 

Nantucket Christmas Stroll Family Session

Nantucket Christmas Stroll is a wonderful time of year around here. There are many people that come to the island to shop locally, to enjoy caroling, to look at all the decorations and so much more. It's a special time to get into the holiday spirit. Something unique and special that you may not get to see elsewhere. There is a lot more to add about this weekend but lets not get to tide up with that. I have something more wonderful to share with you all. Kate contacted me weeks prior to stroll weekend and asked if I was available to do a surprise family session for her parents. I was so thrilled when she asked and thought it was a such a great idea. What a wonderful surprise!!! She wanted to start their session at their home first and then head to downtown Sconset. I always enjoy when families want to shoot at their home. To me it adds sentimental value to the images. After a few photos at the home we headed to Sconset. Sconset this time of year is a desert town. Nobody was around and we had the whole area to ourselves. Completely different from what you would see in the thick of summer. We stopped at the iconic white bridge and finished the session at the beach. What a beautiful backdrop for such a fun and loving family. We really had a great time and there was laughs shared by all. I was happy to have captured some wonderful memories for this family to share for many years to come. I hope to see them again this summer.  

Chelsea Blackbird

I had the pleasure of photographing Chelsea's Family just a few weeks ago. She contacted me again that week and asked if I could come back and do a lifestyle session. Of course I said yes and was thrilled to do this for her. She wanted to have a lot of variety and wanted to include her daughter in for a few of the images. I love how excited Chelsea was about her shoot and all the ideas that she wanted to incorporate. I enjoy capturing people in their element and telling the world a little bit about what they do. She wanted to do the shoot at the property she was staying at with her family. She thought it was a unique place to have the shoot. Much different than sessions she had in the past in Texas. This place she held close to her heart. A little back story. Chelsea decided to follow her dreams of becoming a Nutritionist and called herself The Christian Nutritionist. Since she decided on following her heart an opportunity presented itself. Darcy the owner of the home searched Christian Nutritionist and found Chelsea. Darcy invited her to Nantucket to teach a nutrition workshop at Jesus Camp. Many thoughts were running through her head. I have kids in school, a husband, work, normal everyday life and so many other things. How could I pick up my family and come 2,000 miles away from home? She gave it a lot of thought and decided that she couldn't let this opportunity go. She let her faith guide her and made it bigger than her fear. I think we can learn a lot about this. Don't let fear get in the way and follow your dreams. You can follow Chelsea on Facebook and Instagram as the The Christian Nutritionist. She also has a website www.thechristiannutritionist.com if anyone is interested.

The Blackbird Family

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the Blackbird family during my Fall mini session special. I am so happy that I offered this this year as I got to meet such the sweetest family. They came all the way from a small town in Texas and while they were here they wanted to remember their time together on Nantucket. The locations for the shoot were just perfect. We started at the property they were staying in. Which had Donkeys!!! Then finished our time together at Quidnet Beach. We had such a great time!!

Mr. & Mrs. Jackson

My husband's Aunt and Uncle came to visit Labor Day Weekend. While they were here they wanted to have a portrait session at one of their favorite places.The iconic Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse. I was thrilled of course to do this for them. The weather was kind of gloomy but it didn't stop us and we really had a great time during our session. We captured some great classic Nantucket portraits. We finished the night off with a delicious dinner at Backyard BBQ. We always enjoy seeing them and It was wonderful to catch up. We had such an awesome weekend with them! 

Torres Family

Diane Torres and her family came to Nantucket to have a wonderful family summer vacation. While she was here she wanted to have a nice family portrait with her husband, their two sons, and their son's significant others. They chose to have their family session in downtown Sconset and finish up the session at Sconset Beach. I love shooting in Sconset because it seems like its separate from the rest of the island. It has a special uniqueness about it and it's so charming. There are so many great things about Sconset such as the quaint little rose covered cottages, beautiful gardens, a cute little market, lots of history, a gorgeous beach and so much more. So many great backdrops for any occasion. I just knew that it would be a great location for their family session. We strolled through downtown stopping at the beautiful cottages and gardens. Followed by more pictures at the iconic Sconset bridge that lead the way to the beach where we finished the session. They were such a blast to work with and I love that we were such a great fit. They were spontaneous and had were willing to try anything to get great images that they would enjoy. This family was full of jokes and that kept us all laughing throughout the session. I am so happy to have been able to photograph and to meet such a wonderful and fun family. 

The Brindley Family

The Brindley family came to Nantucket to have a wonderful summer vacation and wanted to have a family portrait. They were staying in beautiful downtown Sconset and so they decided to have their family portrait at Sconset beach. The evening on the beach was so beautiful with the beach grass and the soft pastel skies. It made for a great backdrop for such a sweet little family.  I love how close this family is and loved how they called themselves a team. They shared some funny jokes which made for some great laughs. They also had snuggles, walked the beach and ran from the waves. I enjoy being able to capture the in between moments such as these. It really shows you how much fun the family has with each other and a glimpse of what makes their family special. This shoot had an additional surprise that we weren't expecting.  We saw a whale off in the distance to take a breath. Such a cool and rare experience to be able to have and especially during their family session. Once their session was over they decided they wanted to play a little racket ball and we said our goodbyes. We really had a great time and I am happy to have been able to meet such a great family. 

Manzella Vow Renewal

Frank and Carol Ann celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on August 15th. They celebrated by renewing their wedding vows at the Nantucket White Elephant. Joining them in the celebration was their family and closest friends. This is something that they have wanted to do for a very long time and Frank made it happen. Before the ceremony Frank surprised her with not only a beautiful bouquet from Flowers on Chestnut but bringing James Lisante the priest that married them 25 years ago! She was so surprised when she saw him and it brought her to tears of happiness. Their children had major rolls in this special day. Their Daughter Casey as Maid of Honor and Sean and Timmy as Best Men. The Nantucket White Elephant is special to them as they come here when they visit Nantucket. It is such a classic Nantucket location for such a special event. The landscape and the boats made a wonderful backdrop during their ceremony and family photos. The children read passages from the bible to bless their Mother and Father during the Procession. I love how they made this day so personal for themselves and their family. After the ceremony they gathered around for a toast and celebration before we took the formals. It was such a great time photographing this wonderful family. We shared lots of laughs and special moments.  After the family formals they went inside to finish the evening off with a delicious dinner. It was such an honor to be the one to capture such a beautiful moment in their lives. This family has so much love for one another and it radiated throughout their time together.  I wish them a life time of happiness and love. Cheers to the Manzella Family!  

A Dog and His Loving Owners

I had such a blast photographing this little family not to long ago. They had told me they have had many photos of themselves between their engagement session, their wedding and some yearly photos. This session was going to be little extra special. They wanted to focus their attention on their handsome pup. They wanted to have more of a playful session and capture more of a candid style. I was so excited when I found this out and knew that we were going to have a great time. They chose to have their session starting at Bartlett's Farm with the beautiful flowering landscapes and finished up their session at Ladies beach. One of their favorite beaches they love to go to during their Nantucket summer visits. It was an overcast day which was just perfect as it made everything pop. Especially her beautiful bright and summery dress!!! These two were such a blast to work with. There were lots of laughs, running, playing catch, belly rubs, wave chasing and snuggles. You could really see the love they have for their pup. Even though the session was about him I couldn't help but capture some in between moments of the two of them. It really was a great evening and was a pleasure to have met such a great couple and their dog. 

The Palka Family

When I got my head shots done with Rebecca Love Photography I had the pleasure of having Lydia do my hair and make up. She made me feel so beautiful, confident and sassy for my pictures. She is one very talented lady and I am so happy to know her. I knew that I had to pay it forward by photographing her beautiful little family. We kept things simple with some photos at ladies beach. It was such a gorgeous Nantucket day. Their little daughter is just the cutest! They shared many laughs, snuggles and kisses on the beach.  

The Denn Family

My friend Taylor came to Nantucket during the summer as a kid with his family for years. Then during his adult years he moved here for about 5 years. Where me and my husband became such great friends with him. He decided that he needed to leave the island to start another life and career in Colorado. He manages and books amazing shows for E- Town. How awesome is that! Just about 3 years ago he met his wonderful wife Elizabeth. They together bought a home and have created a beautiful life together. They also brought into this world a handsome little boy named Dakota who is just full of life and a bundle of happiness. Just this past month they decided that they were going on a massive road trip to visit family and friends. Me and my husband were so excited that they had Nantucket on their list of places to visit. We hadn't seen Taylor in so long and couldn't wait to meet Liz and Dakota. Meeting Liz was like meeting with an old friend who we hadn't seen in awhile. Was such a pleasure to have met her and oh man Dakota is just the cutest with the best smiles and giggles. While they were here they wanted to have a family portrait to be framed and mounted in their home. I of course was happy about this and told them that I would be honored to do this for them as a gift. They were so excited and appreciative! We decided to do the session at the iconic Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse. Where Taylor once had a family session done here as a child. Was a windy and dark day but that didn't stop us from venturing out. There was even a large mass of rain on the radar that was headed are way.Their bond and love as a family made as if it wasn't terrible out. I loved that they wore bright warm clothing to match their personality as a family. They shared lots of laughs, smiles and there were definitely lots of snuggles and kisses to keep warm. We even had my husband asset in being the bunny holder aka "The Bunny Man". When our session was through we headed out to Millie's Restaurant for dinner. Was a great way to end the night. 

Fernanda & Lily

Fernanda is a great co-work of mine at Bartlett's Farm. She is hard working, talented and a beautiful women inside and out. She is a fun person to know and to work with. Fernanda has always wanted professional pictures of her baby girl Lily who she adopted from Nantucket Island Safe Harbor For Animals. A local rescue and adoption center here on the island. She reached out to me asking if I would be able to photograph her and Lily to share with her friends and family. Of course I said yes! We decided to do the session at Brant Point Lighthouse. An icon lighthouse here on the island. She brought her friend Rafaela to be the treat and attention assistant. Well needed for a happy, wild and crazy puppy. Of course a quick photo of her and her friend together as well.  There was lots of laughs, smiles, and happy tales wagging throughout the evening. We had such a great time!

Megan's Styled Floral Session

On March Megan had contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in collaborating for a styled photo shoot. She told me she had a vision for a fun and colorful Bridal editorial shoot. I was over the moon excited that she asked me and of course I said YES! We had scheduled our session for May 20th and had kept our fingers crossed for great weather. The weather on Nantucket had been shall I say very cold and wet. When the time came for our shoot the sun was shining. We started our session at Squam Farm followed by various spots on Quidnet Road and a final spot off of Polpis Road. Every spot was just perfect and really helped create that fairy tail classic look we were going for. The lighting was great where ever we were and the best part was at sunset with golden light and the cloud formations. There were so many different details of the shoot that came together perfectly. The model Alei was stunning and such a pleasant person to have worked with. She was adorned with a stunning dress that was out of this world amazing. Such intricate detailing of embroidered flowers and sunbursts. Upon her gorgeous locks of curly hair she was wearing a vintage crown from GOSSAMER. Hair and makeup was done by the very talented Lydia Polka. Her special touch for this shoot was just perfect and natural. The gorgeous bouquet was made by Megan Soverino was just exquisite. This shoot was assisted by Petra who was so incredibly helpful with everything. The team that I was apart of was truly a talented group of women. Such a a wonderful experience to be apart of. It was such a spectacular evening and truly was incredible. 

End of 2016

As 2016 has come to a close I would love to take the time to show you my top favorite images which wasn't an easy task. I have met many wonderful people this year and truly had a great time with them all. I am honored to have been able to capture these moments for my clients to enjoy for years to come. I am really looking forward to 2017 and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Nick & Desirae's Family Session

I've been looking back on my sessions of 2016. I was going to do an end of the year wrap up but remembered that I had this amazing session with this particular family that I hadn't shared. With family sessions I try to pick a location that is true to them. We started our session at Gardiner's Corner which is a place that visitors and islanders love. But for this family it was something special to them. They always take their picture every year here so we kept the tradition going. We then decided to wrap up our session at the Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse. This is where Nick proposed to Desirae and so it made this place so much more special. Their little girls are so sweet and had a blast running about the beach. They all shared lots of laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses which made it so easy to capture this loving beautiful family. The evening was just so perfect and wonderful. 

Sean & Gina's Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Sean & Gina's Wedding on September 10th. They chose to have their ceremony at the Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse followed by a reception at their home. It was a small intimate wedding surrounded by their friends and family. Sean and Gina are also expecting a little one on the way which made this day so much more special. I do have to admit that these are my favorite weddings to photograph. I was so happy that the rain held out out for the day. But we were greeted by the Gray Lady instead.  In away the fog made it more intimate as well as making all of the colors vibrant. Gina was walked towards Sean with her Mother on her left and her Father on her Right where she was greeted by Tania and Billy. Tania and Billy were the officiants as well as their amazing friends. They had a wonderful ceremony filled with laughter and tears of happiness. After they exchanged their vows and said their I do's we then took the time to photograph the family and the newly weds. Did I mention how beautiful and handsome they looked. I loved the simplicity of their attire. Gina's gorgeous bouquet that she held was also made by her friend Orla. After that I  then arrived to their home where the reception took place. The details of the reception was just perfect. As you walked towards the home there were a trail of candles lighting your way to the backyard full of laughter under a big tree filled with lights. Under the tree they also honored those close to them that had passed. They had a great big straw couch surrounded by torches, fire pits and blankets to keep them warm during the evening. The small details on the tables were just beautiful as well. Food was a collective effort, Chowder and meatballs made by family and friends as well has a food cart from Roman Pizza how fun!!! As the evening went on you could really tell how much this amazing couple was loved! It truly was a great celebration for Sean and Gina. We then finished the night off with an amazing cake!!

The Walker Family

It's always so special when I get to photograph a local family on the island. The Walker family wanted to have a Fall family photo and chose a wonderful location. They chose to have it at the Masquetuck Reservation which is part of the Conservation Land here on Nantucket. This place is just so beautiful and peaceful. Such a great location for a beautiful little family. The colors of the leaves were starting to change and it truly felt like fall was upon us. Even though the day was a bit dark and the weather was all over the place you couldn't even tell. This family was a joy to have photographed. The little kids kept me on my toes and kept me laughing throughout the session. Their was laughing, running and smiles throughout our time together made for a great Nantucket evening.